Top-quality foundation has the ability to make your skin look absolutely flawless. Most cosmetic lovers would love to have a glowing skin but in order to achieve that glow you need the right formula for your skin type. There is a wide variety of foundation types but liquid foundation is arguably one of the best if not the best foundation for dry skin seeing as it gives it the required moisture, while on the other hand powder foundation and mineral makeup are the most suitable foundations for people with oily skin because they help dry up unwanted oil.

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All our foundations whether cream, liquid, cream-to-powder, or powder all have exemplary, class-leading textures, beautiful finishes, reliable coverage, and a selection of neutral shades that match real skin tones (rather than masking skin with an odd shade of pink, rose, or peach).

If you have stayed away from foundation because of a previous misstep or negative experience, there has never been a safer time to try it again; the right one can make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin. And if you have oily to very oily skin, choosing a foundation with sunscreen is a great idea because it will help keep excess shine in check while eliminating the need for you to apply two products (when it comes to very oily skin, fewer products is better).

Our foundations stand out from low-quality cosmetics offered by mainstream businesses because:

» Our foundations have a soft and silky pleasing texture

» e.l.f cosmetics BD offers our customers genuine foundations that does not streak, cake, or look thick.

» All our foundations provide reliable sun protection that includes critical UVA sunscreens.


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