A makeup primer, especially the authentic kind is the only thing standing between you and a makeup meltdown. While we cannot exactly say any one cosmetic product is the most valued product in your makeup bag, primers sure pose a strong argument in that respect. Face primers come in many forms but essentially serve the same purpose which is to keep your foundation from getting splotchy and oily, while eye primers prevent your perfectly applied smoky eye from creasing and lip primer keeps your bold lip in place all day. As cosmetic lovers ourselves, e.l.f cosmetics BD understands the importance of primers and how daunting a task it can be to find authentic top-quality primers, this is why we are providing our clients with genuine American made primers. 

Use e.l.f. Cosmetic’s face primers to soften, rejuvenate, moisturize and transform your face and makeup. The main purpose of the face primer is to help you achieve the smooth, even complexion prior to applying your favorite foundation, powder or other e.l.f. Cosmetic’s face products.

Our top-rated makeup primers fight wrinkles, oily skin, pores, and lines with anti-aging vitamins and minerals. So stop worrying about expensive face makeup primers and take a look at what we have to provide!

In contrast to the “Nokol” products imported from China by most dishonest profit centered businesses here in Bangladesh; e.l.f cosmetics BD is owned and managed by Americans with the well being of Bangladeshis at the heart of their business. Now Bangladeshi cosmetic lovers can get the value of their money in authentic cosmetic products. Furthermore, all our products use only vegan ingredients, tested ethically and not on animals.

Looking for more reasons to buy our primers?

» Our primers are lightweight and apply smoothly.
» Our primers efficiently enhance makeup application.
» Our primers extend the wear time of foundation.
» Our primers help keep excess oil in check for our customers with oily skin.
» For our clients with dry skin, our primers are sure to provide hydration.
» e.l.f cosmetics BD primers do not contain a high amount of drying alcohol or potentially-irritating fragrance.


At e.l.f cosmetics BD, our customer services are unmatched and you can rely on our no-risk return policy if any of our products are anything less than top-quality.

Seeing as we are committed to not just providing you with the most affordable cosmetics but also cosmetics guaranteed to be of the highest quality that is not harmful to your skin. Wouldn't you rather buy your next set of primers from us?

The right primers to compliment your looks are right here on e.l.f. cosmetics BD starting at just 199 taka. Join a vast clientele of celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and much more around the world by making your pick from our online store right now!

At e.l.f. cosmetics we believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful. This is why we have a very simple motto: we think that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do great things.